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About UltraMixer

Despite the high level of anonymity of Bitcoin, you should understand that thanks to the blockchain technology, the use of crypto currency is also fairly transparent. Knowing where you expect the payment, or from which address you make it, outsiders can easily track the movement of your funds. Many e-currency exchange points and crypto-exchange exchanges often require the verification of your identity, which will ultimately make your personal data public in varying degrees.

UltraMixer offers a unique service with a high degree of confidentiality, which will ensure the anonymity of your payments, by using the mixing of multiple Bitcoin addresses. Our system works quickly, reliably and with a small commission – only after the transfer and receipt of funds to the final address. Of course, all of the data about your transaction will be irretrievably deleted.

To ensure maximum privacy; the system never uses your Bitcoin to send to other users. On the other hand; UltraMixer has a large pool of crypto currency, allowing them to send payments for almost any amount. After UltraMixer received your Bitcoin payment; they make a transfer to the specified recipient address from our pool. This means that your Bitcoin is not involved in this operation and is still stored in the system, and eventually replenishing the main pool for the subsequent payments. As a result, no one can track , and the use of the web service is truly anonymous. Thanks to the constant filling of the reserve, the service operates in an automatic mode.

Key Features

  • High degree of confidentiality
  • Professional support
  • The system works quickly
  • All of the data about your transaction will be irretrievably deleted

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Fees0.5% plus 0.002 BTC for each address
Minimum Transaction0.01 BTC
Log PolicyNo logs are collected
Time DelayYes, User Controlled
Letter of GuaranteeYes

Video Tutorial

  • Reliable
  • Updated (January 2020)
  • Checked

Text Tutorial

Open the website and click on “START MIXING”.

Ultramixer manual 1

Add the address of the final recipient. Make sure it is correct and remember that all payments are final and this address will be the only possible recipient.

Set the commission of the service. You can do it yourself, this will determine the number (complexity) of the address chains that will be involved in the operation.


Check and accept the important terms.

UltraMixer tutorial 3

Send money and download the letter of guarantee. Remember that only this letter is the only proof of your use of our mixing service.


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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Dad77

    Has anyone tried it recently?

  2. Alum Serv

    I exchanged 1 Btc an hour ago, it has taken about 15 minutes

  3. Xoya Sam

    I love it, simple and effective. I usually use it for large quantities (> 2BTC). All perfect

  4. glass_jj

    I have tried more than 10 mixers, my favorites are bestmixer and ultramixer…Bestmixer is down so I’m using ultramixer for everything
    Any other recommendations?

    1. poly_mahs

      I use ultramixer, the best one, simple and fast

      1. red1982

        working today –> 1.1btc, perfect

  5. anon_88

    I need to mix a bitcoin high volume(>8 BTC) asap. Do you recommend UltraMixer?

    1. yellow_90

      8 BTC high volume?? 😉
      Dont worry I’ve mixed more in Ultra, no problem

  6. blue_wallet lover

    Thanks for the info. Many people need this kind of mixer to be really anonymous in bitcoin world…

  7. tom_trezor

    It is very fast, the transactions that have been sent to me have been confirmed normally in the next block of the blockchain.

    what android wallet do you recommend?

    1. anne30

      I use Exodus and Coinomi. Anyway you should wash your coins before using, there is no anonymous wallet. You can use UltraMixer or whatever you want

  8. tommy

    Simple and fast, recommended

    1. yell20

      Totally agree, I love Ultramixer and TOR, perfect combination

  9. red81

    Working today!!

  10. anon12

    Thanks for the info about mixers, Its great

  11. moni1982

    I’ve exchanged 0.98 Btc one hour ago, it has taken 12 minutes!!
    USE TOR !!!

  12. johny

    is it still working?

    1. BitLover

      Yessss !!!
      No problem today, with Torbrowser

  13. Mark.Yell

    Perfect Mixer, very fast! tested yesterday

    1. h-admin

      Yes, very powerful
      What wallet do you recommend for high privacy?

  14. black23

    working today, perfect mix

  15. ricky2000

    Still working? I need to mix bitcoin, I don’t trust the old owners…

    1. btcfree

      I mixed twice yesterday, no problems bro!! Hide you IP with VPN or TOR

      1. ricky2000

        Thanks, it worked perfect
        What private vpn do you recommend?

          1. modem33

            good place to compare VPN, I prefer TOR for Ultramixer, up to you

  16. ether9

    Can I use Ultramixer to send (anon way) bitcoin to Binance?

    1. JLP1978

      Yeah, no restrictions

  17. TonyNYMR99

    Nice mixer. Thanks for your exhaustive reviews.

  18. Bitman33

    Can I mix via Tor?

    1. satoshi1983

      You can mix via Tor and on the clear net. I recommended using Electrum, but any client that functions over Tor will work

      1. Bitman33

        Thanks for the info
        I have used Electrum in Tails, no problem

  19. bitman32

    Nice mixer, fast and secure. I recommend used to make withdraw form Binance, Kraken…I don’t like that exchanges know my bitcoin addresses…

    1. TonyNYMR99

      Exactly, I do this way. You can use Binance, max 2BTC per day without KYC!!

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