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About CoinMixer

Coinmixer is one of the best bitcoin mixers on both the clearnet and the dark web. Having multiple privacy features from random delays to optional multiple output addresses. They offer a signed letter of guarantee with every transaction, that may be used for tax purposes, or proof of receipt in the event your bitcoins are lost or stolen.

Coinmixer offers a log deletion after you’ve completed your transaction, a great security feature for clearnet users. In addition, they have a deep web URL that more savvy users can take advantage of over the Tor browser.

It does not require any account or personal information and doesn’t collect any information about visitor’s activity.
This service is designed to be as intuitive as possible. The whole process of bitcoin anonymization should not take more than a few minutes.

Be sure that you have a new, clean wallet address set up, as in the first steps of the mixing process you’ll need to submit the address(es) to where the mixer will send your cleaned BTC.

Key Features

  • Totally reliable.
  • Professional support.

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Fees1-3 % and 0.0011 BTC per output address
Minimum Transaction0.001 BTC
Log PolicyNo logs are collected
Time DelayYes, User Controlled
Letter of GuaranteeYes

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

Open the website in the Tor Browser and click on Participate link. Copy the output addresses from the previous step to the output fields. The sum of the output values makes the overall mixed value. There is also the delay value. A longer delay means that your participation will be more resistant to blockchain analysis (better anonymity, but it takes a longer time). We recommend setting different delay for each output. It is possible to set the delay to 0, but it is not recommend because it reveals in which block the outputs are.

CoinMixer participation

The next step is simple. Just rewrite the captcha code and click on the continue button

Coinmixer captcha

We are almost there. We just need to confirm the participation and the system will take care of the rest. You can chose from three transfer methods. We will chose “Address and Amount”, since we need to send the bitcoins from

CoinMixer transter for tutorial

Don’t forget to save the Letter of Guarantee. It is important.

Coinmixer letter of guarantee for tutorial


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  1. HopelessCase

    Best bitcoin mixer ever!

  2. Bitcoiner

    Fucking awesome! Easy and neat!

  3. Sam Rich

    coinmixer has many enemies, many people do not like anonymity …

  4. Abs789

    Totally agree

  5. pegg99

    anonymous transactions on a public ledger. what a concept

    1. bit_ant

      Btc lovers will understand…

  6. Pen99

    it’s a weird concept

  7. RashBlack

    I think it was the best mixer in 2019, Still working in 2020?

    1. wiredeyes

      I have been using it continuously last two months, no problem

      1. RashBlack

        Thanks, the mix works

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