Bitcoin Blender Review

About Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin Blender was launched in 2014, by an anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast and software developer who felt that Bitcoin users should have the option of an extra layer of anonymity when using cryptocurrency. How is it right that anybody in the world could, potentially, gain full and unrestricted access to see what another person is spending their money on?

The service was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind – users simply deposit their old coins, and exchange them for new. No personal details, no “paper trail”, and absolutely no connection to your old transaction history.

Bitcoin Blender is a Tor hidden service that uses smart technology to erase your Bitcoin history and make your transactions 100% anonymous. Bitcoin Blender completely removes any connection you have with the coins you buy or sell, meaning nobody can use Blockchain Analysis to track you down.

You do not need to give away any personal information to use Bitcoin Blender – simply send us your old coins, and exchange them for new. 

The mixing service is only accessible from its Onion URL, and even though it has a clearnet URL, it primarily only serves an educational purpose.

It’s exclusively a Bitcoin mixing service, and supports only Bitcoin. As for the fee, it doesn’t have anything specific, and charges a random fee between 1-3%. This is done to keep our Bitcoins anonymous and more secure, rather than tagging them with a specific fee.

It also supports as many as 5 simultaneous deposit addresses, which get you the power to deposit unmixed funds by splitting them into more than one single transaction.

Key Features

  • Protection Against Blockchain Analysis
  • Variable Delays & Randomized Service Fee
  • Loyalty & Referral Program
  • Tor hidden service only
  • http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion
FeesRandomized service fee (1-3%)
Minimum Transaction0.01 BTC
Log PolicyNo Log Policy (10 Day retention)
Time DelayYes, User Controlled
Letter of GuaranteeNo.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

Click “Quick Mix”.

bitblender tutorial 1

If you have mixed your bitcoin with this feature, enter your previous Quick Mix ID to ensure that you’re not getting the same Bitcoin you deposited before.

bitblender tutorial 2

Insert the address you want your bitcoins to be sent. You can input up to 10 wallet addresses , one address per line. Again, we advise you to use multiple addresses to throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to BitBlender and the amount of coins that come out.

bitblender tutorial 3

Enter the time delay (1), captcha (2) and click “Create new Quick Mix”.

Send Bitcoin to the address displayed.

bitblender tutorial 5
bitblender tutoria _6

That’s it.


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